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Who is SAM?

SAM Market Analysis and Development Company launched in 2010 to help domestic and international markets develop in industries with advanced technology (High-Tech) and partially fill the gap in marketing and market development. It attempts to create value added and gain customer satisfaction using domestic and international experts and an extensive network of partners throughout the country and the Middle East. SAM’s works in the Middle East and neighboring countries of Iran, which are covered by a wide range of market study tools and consulting services. With the company’s network of expert and trusted partners spread across the region, SAM is the best choice for regional market research in Hi-tech products. The company’s success mainly depends on the commitment and sense of responsibility of SAM’s wise, knowledgeable and experienced colleagues across the region.

Areas of Expertise

Market analysis and monitoring industry developments

  • Performing macro market trends analysis and evaluating market potential
  • Identifying and analyzing the success rate of new opportunities and products in the market
  • Performing supply and demand analysis, market segmentation, and market environment study
  • Reviewing and identifying new applications and markets (domestic and export markets)
  • Developing branding strategy
  • Identifying and performing market research, suggesting target market, and developing market entry strategy (Post-launch)
  • Monitoring domestic and international competitors and analyzing the competition environment
  • Performing industrial analysis and forecasting regional and global developments
  • Validating knowledge-based products entering the market with advanced technology
  • Commercialization Road mapping

Preparing Feasibility Study Report

  • Conducting opportunity Study
  • Carrying out a detailed feasibility study and implementation planning
  • Business planning
  • Designing a business model
  • Performing industry analysis
  • Developing marketing plan
  • Performing market and financial risk analysis

Market Research is a Systematic Design as well as Collecting, Analyzing, and Reporting Data and Findings on a Company's Market Position.

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Policy and Goals

With the help of expert colleagues and their perseverance, SAM will make every effort to achieve his goals. These goals include developing export markets for Hi-tech products, play a role in regional market research, improving services continuously, training capable and efficient workforces, providing complementary marketing services, and developing specialized markets in advanced technology industries. We believe that the primary strategy in cooperation and marketing employed by SAM is to follow the principles and rules always been considered by this group and been observed as a policy to offer high-quality services. Giving prompt response to customers, following rules, applying knowledge and technology for humanitarian purposes, carrying out projects with acceptable quality and timing, preserving quality and applying global standards to the submitted reports, encouraging creativity and innovation, considering customer interests, constantly cooperating with customers, showing honesty, truthfulness, and commitment, maintaining confidential information of customers, developing intimacy and mutual trust are among the rules, principles, and norms SAM has always considered concerning its customers.

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